Planning for the final farewell of a loved one is a difficult job. Not only is it mentally exhausting, but also, with a large number of options available nowadays, selecting the best option can seem difficult. However, this decision is solely based on the personal preference of the family members. Cremation and burials in Aberdeen are the two most common options.

There is no stated and agreed way to pay tribute to the deceased. The significant aspect is listening to your heart and selecting the process you think is suitable for your deceased. However, for those who are not sure about the type of funeral service that might suit the deceased, read on and check the differences.

Cremation vs Burials – Know the difference.

Cremation is the process of burning the deceased’s body and storing the remains in an urn for paying respect. Burial, on the contrary, is the process of burying the body underground in a selected burial plot and constructing a crypt or memorial on top to make honour the memories of the deceased person when it comes to differences, one of the major differences in the type of process that the family members of the deceased prefer to restore the memories of the person successfully.

Interment benefits of the processes.

The difference between burial and cremation remains in how the body is treated. In most cases, the near and dear ones of the dead person consider a funeral to be a better option than burial. Cremation allows the family members to scatter the cremains in their desired location to keep the person alive. On the contrary, if you opt for a burial, you will only see a part of the token, and the rest of the body will be buried underground.

Relative cost.

Unlike burial, in cremation, the cost is generally lower. In most cases, the family or the friends of the deceased might face a financial crunch while making the final arrangements. Hence, a funeral comes across as a better option than a burial. However, if the deceased had preconceived notions about getting buried, they must buy the burial ground beforehand and keep the arrangements in place.

Religious obligations.

Cremation or burial as a decision also depends on the religious obligations of the person whose last rites are being performed. Although every individual has the right to choose their process of getting memorialised, the religious norms are followed in case of no sudden death.

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