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For cremation and burial services, get in touch with Victoria Funeral Home today, we provide our services across Aberdeen and Aberdeen City. If your loved one has been unclear about his or her preference when it comes to burial or cremation, then it is up to the next of kin to make that choice. At Victoria Funeral Home, we’re here to provide you with the support you need to help ensure that your loved one’s final goodbye is personal to them.

Combining our expertise with your wishes for the funeral ceremony

Whether you want to bury your loved one, or are looking to cremate the deceased, you can rely on Victoria Funeral Home Ltd to help you. We can make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the funeral is managed according to your wishes, this includes registering the death as well as the funeral plans, covers burial grounds, the grave and the cemetery. If you have any queries, talk to us today.

Cremation services

You can rely on Victoria Funeral Home Ltd to make the necessary booking at the local crematorium on your behalf. However, if you’re planning to cremate your loved one somewhere else, you can also count on us to make all the arrangements including transport. We can also take care of the documentation that is needed prior to the cremation being carried out. If required, we can also offer advice on how to dispose of the deceased’s ashes.

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Burial Aberdeen

If it is a burial that you’re planning, then you need to know that you might not be able to get buried in the churchyard or cemetery of your choice. A burial plot has to be bought in advance with a ‘Deed of Grant’ issued, which gives you the right to be buried in that plot for a specific period. At Victoria Funeral Home Ltd, we have extensive experience in handling different types of burials.

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For those in search of a funeral director in Aberdeen that offers both burials and cremations, please be sure to call on our professional team at Victoria Funeral Home. 

We’re here to help those looking to arrange a service for their loved one’s final goodbye. Whether you’re aware of the type of service they would like or if you would like to explore your options, please be sure to get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss both our burial and cremation service with you. We also provide funeral plans.

Funeral Plans with Burials How to Keep Arrange Everything Correctly

What is a Burial?

A burial is the act or process of interring a passed loved one, or placing it into the ground in a grave or tomb. It is a common way of disposing of human remains and has been practised by many cultures throughout history. Burials can take place in a variety of settings, including cemeteries, graveyards, and mausoleums. They can be accompanied by religious or cultural rituals and ceremonies.

Burial practices vary widely among cultures and religions, some people choose to be buried in a traditional cemetery, this is where the body is placed in a casket and interred in the ground. Others may choose to be cremated, with their ashes placed in an urn and buried or scattered. In addition, many cultures have their own traditional burial practices, such as mummification in ancient Egypt, or the practice of burying a person sitting upright in a burial chamber called a kurgan in ancient Scythia.

Burials can also have different meanings, depending on the context, in archaeology and palaeontology, the term ‘burial’ refers to the placement of artefacts, such as pottery or tools, in a grave or other archaeological feature. In marine geology, the term “burial” refers to the process of sediment, such as sand or mud, accumulating over a feature on the seafloor.

In general, burials are an important way for people to pay their respects to the dead and to help the bereaved process their grief.

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