Nowadays, most people prefer direct cremation if they don’t want a traditional funeral service. Such cremations in Aberdeen neither require a ceremony nor attendees. It is a cost-effective funeral allowing you to bid a final goodbye in a simple and hassle-free manner. In the event of a death, families sometimes hold separate memorial events to commemorate the deceased person’s life. This frees it from elements like a minister, procession, limousines and pallbearers. However, it doesn’t mean your loved one will receive anything less than the usual high standards.

Top Important Facts About Direct Cremation 

How does it work?

  • Firstly, there would be some paperwork before moving forward with a direct cremation. If you hire the right funeral directors, they can collect all the required paperwork and guide you through the process. 
  • Then, the cremation is held at a scheduled time in the crematorium. Remember that no family member can attend or see the deceased there. 
  • After the body is cremated, the ashes will be handed over to the family as they wish. Some funeral service providers can even offer to disperse the ashes in the garden of remembrance, where family members can visit.

Must know the basic features of direct cremation

As mentioned, it is a cremation with no funeral service or ceremony. Here are some of the basic features of a direct cremation:

  • The deceased body is sent directly to the crematorium following demise for cremation.
  • It doesn’t require embalming or any other preparations, as no attendees get to see the body.
  • Occurs in a simple coffin.
  • The body is sent to the crematorium for cremation by the funeral directors. The time and date can’t be chosen.

Is cremation possible without a coffin?

Yes, you can choose to cremate without a coffin. However, a direct cremation generally involves a simple coffin which may be made of some cheap material instead of solid wood. As per UK Law, a dead body needs to be covered in public; hence, a shroud can be used if you don’t want to use a coffin. We suggest using it to make the movement easier. 

How does a traditional cremation differ from a direct one?

  • A traditional cremation can cost nearly three times more than a direct one. 
  • A direct cremation uses a simple coffin made of cardboard or any other cheaper material, whereas a traditional cremation typically uses a wood effect coffin.
  • In traditional cremation, family members and other attendees can view the deceased person at a chapel of rest. On the other hand, a direct cremation doesn’t allow viewing. 
  • A traditional cremation involves a funeral service at a crematorium at a date and time agreed between the family and the funeral service provider. Generally, a hearse is included, and limousines can also be arranged for family and friends. A direct cremation just involves cremation and handing over the ashes to the family.

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