Whether it is someone from your family or a close friend, or a dear colleague – it is required to perform the last rites of a deceased with all honour and sincerity. If the deceased belongs to a community that practices cremation instead of burial, you should look for a specialist to perform this task peacefully.

However, if you are unaware of this process of paying tribute and performing the last rituals through cremation, major mistakes can happen. This blog will help you be aware of things you should not do in a cremation.

Do Not Disobey the Traditions

Cremations involve a lot of religious rituals and traditions. It is not acceptable to disobey any of these rituals. If you are attending a cremation and are not aware of those traditions, it would be better to follow the others present and follow them. Even if you do not believe in all such rituals, you should not do anything that can hurt the sentiment of the deceased’s family and close ones.

Be Quiet and Respectful

No matter who are you to the deceased, it is required to be quiet and respectful to everyone present there at the cremation ceremony. That place is for expressing grief and sorrow. You should not talk loud, laugh or be rude to anyone present there.

Be on Time

Reaching late to the cremation is not a good attitude. You should always be on time and maintain the dress code. Whenever you make up your mind about attending a cremation, know the exact time and try to reach the spot within the same.