Burial is an action of interring a dead body. Proper burial of the deceased is very important as it ensures they rest in peace. There are numerous reputable companies you can approach for burials and grave monuments. The demand for bespoke grave monuments has enhanced drastically in the last few years as you don’t have to face any limitations when determining its shape or size. Instead of choosing any random structure, choose one that will reflect the personality and likings of the deceased. You can rest assured of creating the best-designed gravestone if you consider a few vital points when designing it.

Vital Points To Consider When Designing Grave Monuments For Burials


One of the most vital things you should consider is the inscription font. The one you choose will influence the entire design. While some people like traditional fonts like Script-Like, Old English or Roman, others opt for unique fonts. You can ask the stonemason for some recommendations. They will also let you know whether the font you choose will suit the material in which the inscription will be done.


You can include images in the grave monuments in various innovative ways. While some prefer getting in touch with a company creating pictures or designs with the latest laser technology, others prefer the traditional hand-carved designs. Irrespective of the design you choose, all of them are pretty beautiful. Make sure that the image you select reflects the deceased’s beliefs, personality and lifestyle.


There is no rule regarding the type of colour you can choose for the gravestone. Grave monuments are available in different colours. The popular colours are black, red, blue, grey, and white. Most cemeteries offering burials in Aberdeen have no strict colour guidelines. Some even consider the finish and colour of the grave monuments before assigning a burial plot. If you want to bury the deceased in the churchyard, talk with the local parish, and they will share the ideal finish and colour guidelines.

This being said, it’s time you consider the points stated above and get in touch with the experts at Victoria Funeral Home. They will help you design suitable grave monuments for burials.