What To Do After Someone Dies

pLosing someone in your family is always painful. Though we never want to lose someone we love and care about, deaths are inventible. How hard we try, we can’t avoid the intense feeling of grief. Bereavement is an inevitable part of one’s life. One of the most painful experiences is to lose someone we love. It often triggers physical reactions, including weight and appetite changes. Our mind is so occupied with the loss that we ignore the few tasks one has to undertake when someone in the family dies.

Did Someone In Your Family Die? Few Things You Have To Do

Register The Death

Maintaining a formal record of the death is known as death registration. Failing to register death can lead to a criminal offence. There are government sites where you can find out how to register a death and the documents you need. The local authority might appoint a lawyer or a doctor (coroner) to investigate certain deaths. The coroner will investigate the body and report the death. He might even order a post-mortem and take the body to the hospital.


You can schedule the funeral at a suitable time after the death. You can arrange the funeral if you are a family member of the person who has died or are close to them. There are a few situations when the deceased person shares some instructions in his will about the type of funeral he wants and how he wants to be buried. Though relatives are not legally obligated to follow the instructions, they do it in most cases. The health authority or local authority might arrange a simple funeral without friends or relatives in the family to arrange the funeral.


You can make arrangements for the burial in a local authority cemetery, private cemetery or a churchyard. It can also occur in a woodland site or on private land. If the person who has died lived within the parish, you can bury the dead in the parish churchyard or the adjoining burial ground if there is space. You can ease the process of burials in Aberdeen by getting in touch with the experts at Victoria Funeral Home. They will make the necessary booking at the local crematorium on your behalf and make all the necessary arrangements, including transport.

You have to undertake all the tasks stated above when someone in your family dies. Most funeral homes have experience handling different types of burials and can help you ease the process.

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