Many people often get confused about whether they want direct cremation or a traditional funeral for their loved one. With several options available nowadays, it can happen. To choose between direct cremation or a traditional funeral, you must first know their key differences. This can help you make a better decision. You must also ensure to get in touch with reliable funeral directors for cremations in Aberdeen. Let’s delve into the subject.

Direct Cremation vs Traditional Funeral 

A bunch of responsibilities fall upon you when you lose a loved one. You need to make various important decisions, including choosing between burial and cremation. This blog will make it easier.

Direct Cremation Funeral

Suppose you are looking for the simplest way to say goodbye to your loved one. This is an ideal option. It doesn’t involve a ceremony or any guests to bid goodbye or pay last respect. Here’s the process this method involves. 

  • This method handles the collection and care of your dear one on your behalf. They will then put the body in a simple coffin.
  • Collects the necessary information to complete the legal application for cremation. The funeral director will communicate a provisional cremation date to you afterwards.
  • On the scheduled cremation date, the body is sent to the crematorium.
  • Farewell generally doesn’t take place in direct cremation. Besides, no one will be allowed to view the body.
  • You will get the ashes of your loved one after the cremation. You may also get the option of spreading the ashes in a garden of remembrance on your behalf. 

Traditional Funeral 

  • A local undertaker first collects the body of your loved one after verifying the demise. 
  • The family completes the required documentation and also discusses the venue where the service will be held. 
  • Traditional funerals also allow you to choose the coffin and even the traditional funeral music you want to be played. 
  • The body is then prepared for viewing and is placed in the coffin.
  • The coffin is sent to the service venue. If friends and family want, they can also go in procession to the crematorium or cemetery. However, mourners now prefer meeting directly at the cemetery or crematorium. 
  • The cremation or burial takes place on the same day typically.
  • A reception is held where the mourners remember the passed away loved one in a relaxed setting. Food and drinks are also usually there. 
  • The ashes are given to the family if cremation has been chosen.

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