Choosing the right funeral service and plan is vital when your loved one passes away. But doing and handling all of it alone can be exhausting, particularly when you haven’t attended cremations in Aberdeen before. With several types of funeral services, we are discussing the traditional method: cremation.

Learn Some Unique Facts about Cremations

What is a cremation service?

This is a simple process of transforming the remains of a deceased person into ashes with intense heat. After the completion of the cremation, the ashes are handed over to the family members.

How long does a cremation service last?

The time taken for a traditional cremation service depends upon crematoria. But it can last for nearly 30 to 45 minutes. This gives people sufficient time to enter the crematorium and pay their final respects to their loved one. 

What happens at a cremation service?

Every cremation is different, but the below-mentioned things generally happen in this.

  • The coffin is taken to the service location and put on a raised platform. The service is generally performed at the crematorium, but it can also take place in a chapel, church or a separate hall.
  • Guests arrive to pay their final respects.
  • The service is then held that typically lasts for 30 minutes, but a family can book for longer as per their preferences. The guests are given an order of service to inform them about what will happen and give information about prayers, songs or readings.
  • The committal starts: After the completion of the cremation service, the coffin is taken away to start the cremation process. 
  • Then the guests leave the service, and a wake is held. However, a wake is optional as this part of the service involves serving food and beverages to the guests.

Victoria Funeral Home provides both a simple ceremony and an elaborate one depending on what one seeks. Contact us today for cremation services in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.