One of the hardest things to perform in one’s life is arranging the memorial service of a loved one. Be it a family member, a parent, a close friend, or a dear colleague – it is painful to perform a memorial service after their passing.

However, with the passing course of time, the ideas of funeral services in Aberdeen have changed a lot. Nowadays, these memorial services become more a celebration of the life and work of the person being remembered; instead of mere condolence meet.

If unfortunately, you are going through such a crisis in your life right now and wish to know about some of the memorial service ideas, this blog might help you.

How to Make the Memorial Service More Special?

Pictures and Slide Shows in The Memorial Service

Instead of putting one large picture of the person being remembered at the centre of the memorial venue, you can try making a collage of various photographs taken from different stages of that person’s life. It would give all the guests a nice glimpse of the life and work of that person. They can remember those moments when they live and laugh together.

Funeral Flowers | Memorial Service

Memorial Service with Story Table

You can have a table at the memorial service where all the special and memorable items of that person will be kept. This can include favourite shoes, medals, books, collectables, and other items that will truly represent the person and their interests in life.

Colourful Plants and Flowers

Instead of those cliché white flowers representing eternal mourning, you can choose some colourful flowers and plants to make a difference. If the person you remember were a very colourful, fun-loving, and lively person, such a flower arrangement would be a perfect way to remember that jolly soul. You can add your favourite flowers or colour while arranging the funerals and memorial service.

Remembering Quotes and Saying

You can use print and place memorial quotes in the venue as a nice way to remember someone very close to your heart. Ask people who really knew that person well to share their thoughts and memories with others so that people can know more about that person and their vivid life.

Hire the Experts for Funeral Services in Aberdeen

It is really tough for the family members and close ones to arrange everything in a funeral or memorial service when they lost someone very special in their lives. Hence, it would be easier for them to hire a professional who can handle everything related to the funeral and memorial arrangements.

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