Losing a loved one is never a good occurrence for anyone. It delivers a lot of sadness, grief and a sense of emptiness. The burial service is one of the essential ceremonies where the family and friends get the final chance to bid goodbye to the departed soul.


If you are invited to the burial, you are expected to share the sorrow with the family. You must be well-dressed, groomed and well-behaved to show your solidarity. Even if you have attended many funerals or burials in Aberdeen, you might avoid making little mistakes that dent your reputation.


In this blog, you can find more about burial etiquette. These will help you remain on your best behaviour throughout the process.

Be On Time: If you are known for your late arrival everywhere, you must improve yourself for an event like a burial. This is not an event where showing up late is acceptable. The burial ceremony should not be stopped or interrupted due to your arrival. It is an important rule that you must follow at funerals as well.

Things to Wear: While wearing a black dress during an event of sorrow is quite the norm, you can experiment with the shades. However, show up with something other than bright-coloured apparel. Watch the footwear and the hat that you will be wearing. It is not the perfect event to dress in flip-flops or other fancy shoes. Women should take care in choosing their tops as well.

Things to Say: The burial is where you should see your words and try to control your emotions. You will naturally offer words of condolences to the family of the deceased, so try to keep it simple. Express your feelings about the death, but choose the terms carefully. Do not compare or equate the loss with any of your past experiences.

Be Sympathetic: It may be possible that some people in the burial service may not know you or your association with the deceased. You may face this if you benefit from your past colleague. In situations like these, you should be more sympathetic in your approach. Introduce yourself with your name and how you knew the departed. Express your condolences and move on as the burial service ends.

These are the etiquettes that you should follow at a burial service. If you want a professional source to help you arrange the event during your tough times, call Victoria Funeral Home. We are an independent arranger and director of funerals and burials in Aberdeen. You can expect all types of help from our team of experts. For more details, you can visit our website today.